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The whole world in a single country

Silent and mysterious deserts on the South, high cliffs on the North, deepen Green forests anywhere, sand dunes and tranquil virgin beaches, such as the Rodas Beach at Cíes Island, chosen by The Guardian as the best beach in the world
Romanian monasteries and gorgeous Gothic cathedrals, Medieval castles, Islamic arquitecture, the Guggenheim… the sun, snow, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea… the Cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, the wonderful museums of Madrid, one of the most Michelin-starred cities in the world San Sebastián, enjoying the Alhambra…you can find in Spain much more then you would ever expect, and above all Spanish people, so friendly that you will be amazed how quickly your host family will feel just like your own family

Cies island

Cies Island is located in front of the Rias Baixas in the Pontevedra province. The Cíes Archipielago is made up of three islands: Monte Agudo, […]