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Who we are?

Zephania´s headquarter is located in A Coruña, a city in northern Spain.
We are an enthusiastic team from many nacionalities who are looking for practising both Spanish and English languages with native speakers .Our aim is to see people enjoying living new experiences whilst learning a foreing language by immersing themselves in a cultural exchange

Zephania´s programme

Zephania Project is based on mutual help and support. In order to do this , Zephania´s aims to put Spanish families with student/candidate who desire to improve their English and are willing to open their home to a native English speaking person who also wants to improve their own Spanish by inmersing themselves in the Spanish culture
We offer to link the English and the Spanish language and cultures in an easy and affordable way by living together with respectful and responsabile people.
Many Spanish host families are evangelical Christians because this is the background of Zephania´s staff,but whoever wants to join the adventure is welcome!

About me

My name is Ana Fernández. I am Spanish and the coordinator of Zephania Project. I am a dynamic and creative journalist and a Spanish teacher. I have a dregree in Journalism from Complutense University of Madrid and Certificate in Education from the University of Santiago de Compostela.
After years working for Spanish newspapers, i am currently teaching full time Spanish for foreingers. I really enjoy teaching my native language. My students are from Japan, Poland, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, France, Palestine, Portugal or Ucraine and I am proud some of them have recently achieved the highest Spanish level C2 from Cervantes Institution.
If you are looking for a native Spanish teacher online all levels, please just mailing me to info@zephaniaexchange.com
I am truly passionate for nature and music. Also I love discovering other cultures and meeting with people from all over the world because at the end we are all sharing the same dreams and desires.