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What we do?

Zephania aims to put Spanish families who desire to improve their English skills, in contact with a native English speaking person or those have achieved a high level of English as second language due to their background or any other circumstance. Both parties will have time to practice languages and to learn about one another’s cultures as well.
We offer a linguistic and cultural exchange in a safe, responsible, affordable and respectful co-living arrangement.

The objective os programme

The objective of the programme, which is based in mutual help and support, is the linguistic and cultural exchange between both parties, the host family and the English speaking person. The student or candidate will live as a member of their  host family during his/her stay in Spain,  i.e.  15 days or a month (there is the possibility of semesters with different  durations and prices).

The student´s main contribution to the family will be practising his/her native language with them.The host family also  commits themselves to spend time every day speaking in Spanish with the student to improve his/her Spanish language skills. There is no time limit established for this given that the visitor is immersed in the Spanish culture.

It is Zephania’s desire that the benefits of this exchange programme be accessible to everyone who is interested, therefore those who we consider to be a student/ candidate are:

  • Those who are studying Spanish;
  • those who have studied Spanish a long time ago and would like to refresh it;
  • those who have a basic level of Spanish  and would like to know more  about the Spanish culture and, at the same time, try to help others to improve their level of   English;
  • those who are aged 18 or over.

Families that can be considered as hosts are:

  • Families with teenage children or older;
  • families with small children;
  • families without children;
  • people who live on their own.

The student/candidate

For students/candidates whose native language is English, or who have a high level of English, and who are studying or have studied Spanish and would like to deepen their knowledge about Spanish culture, or just to practice their language skills, Zephania offers the opportunity to discover much more than you could imagine by co-living with a host family.
Your host family will be carefully chosen for you, with both the opportunity to learn Spanish and your security in mind. We will help you both to practice your Spanish to learn more about Spanish customs. You will live with your hosts as a member of their family during your stay in Spain. This program is based on mutual help and support through languages and it’s open to anyone who shares the same values whatever their age.


The host family

Our program is designed for all kinds of people. It is for those who have children and also for those of you who have studied English a long time ago and would like to refresh it, and even for those who need to improve their English by obtaining good English conversational skills.
The best thing about this program is that you will benefit by practising with a native or high-level English speaking person for a enough time to improve your English speaking in a friendly environment. It is an undeniable advantage to have a native speaker as a guest in your own home and also you can share your daily routines with him/her.
Daily co-living with a new member of the family will allow both parties to practice a foreign language in a non-academic environment and to benefit from the new intercultural relations facilitated by this programme.