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The Spanish family should accept the student as a family member. Please note that the objective is a culture and linguistic exchange in which both parties participate. Therefore the rules of living together should be defined from the beginning.
While living together, the student must keep his/her bedroom tidy and also could contribute with household chores, for example setting and clearing the table, but always understanding that these tasks are voluntary and help to foster a better living environment, it should never be seen as a compulsory.
Please remember that the student´s main contribution to the family will be practising his/her native language and this program is based on mutual help and support.


It would be preferable that the student has his/her own bedroom. If it is not possible and the student has to share with another family member you must explain it in your profile in order to inform to student prior to their stay.


The Host family is responsible to provide the student with regular meals throughout the exchange.
Special dietary requirements (vegetarian, gluten intolerant, etc.) will be discussed prior to the exchange so that both parties concerned are willing to accept them.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the ordinary daily food allowance except if the student decides to go out for lunch or dinner someday.


The host family commits themselves to share time every day speaking in Spanish with the student in order that he/she improve their Spanish language skills. There is no time limit established for this given that the visitor is immersed in the Spanish culture.
Zephania will monitor the programme in order to achieve the best results for both parties and it ensures that terms and conditions will be obeyed
In the unlikely event of a disagreement a meeting will be organised to resolve the issue for both parties.
The agency reserves the right to cancel the programme in the event that there is a serious breach of contract.



Please, fill in the online application form with your details

Once we receive your online application we will get in touch with you with further information. At that point you need to send us the following documents:

  • A photo of the whole family

Once we have received the online application form with your details, we will get back to you with more information as soon as possible regarding the selection process, such as candidates who could be most suitable to your family´s profile

Once a selection has been chosen for both parties, an agreement should be signed between the host family and the candidate/student

Finally a payment will be required


You can fill in this form without compromise. Once we receive your online preinscripcion we will get in touch with you and give you information about the processing of your application.

Name and surname of father, mother or both*

Number of members in the family*
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50   euros + Iva (processing)