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The student should adapt to the host family´s mealtime schedule as well as their habits and customs. He/she has to keep their bedroom tidy as well as the rules and regulations of family living.
Please remember that we are looking for responsible and honest people.
Whenever there are any problems or doubts we will try to help solve them so you are not alone in a foreign country.


The visitor must agree to speak in English at least two hours a day with the family members who want to improve their level of English. Both parts will arrange this time by mutual agreement.
Zephania will provide a list of topics as a guide.
If there are children, the student should spend time with them by reading fairytales/storybooks to them in English or correct one´s mistakes.

Please remember this program is based on mutual help and support.

Zephania will monitor the program in order to achieve the best results for both parties and it ensures that terms conditions will be obeyed.
If were to be any disagreement a meeting will be organised to resolve the issue for both parties.
The agency reserves the right to cancel the programme in the event of a serious breach of contract.


Please check you have a valid passport or Identity Card.
Students coming from a EU country are covered by the Spanish Social Security National Health Insurance if they have a European Health Insurance Card before leaving they home country.
We require you to have your own private insurance policy or travel insurance in the case of injuries, death, repatriation expenses, theft or any damages caused to a third person. Neither Zephania nor the host families will be able to take any responsibility for these occurrences.



Please, fill in the online application form with your details.

Once we received your online application we will get in touch with you with further information.

After that you need to send us the following documents:

  • Photo

Once we have received the online application form with your details we will get back to you with more information as soon as possible regarding the selection process such as families who are most suitable to your profile.

Once a selection has been chosen for both parties, an agreement should be signed between you and the host family.

Finally a payment will be required.


Once we received your online registration we will get in touch with you and give you information about the processing of your application.
Please fill in the online application form with your details and send it to

Name and surname*

Phone number*
Phone number and name of contact in case of emergency*
Email address*
Languages you speak or study*
Do you have any illness?
Are you taking any medication?
Dietary requirements
Do you have a European Health Insurance Card?
Do you have any travel insurance?


I declare that all this information is correct and I consent to pass this information to the host family.

600 euros distributed in

  • 200 euros + Iva (processing)
  • 400 euros to host family


  • Payment by bank transfer or Paypal
  • Once your selection is done you will be requiered a 25 % deposit
  • 3 months notice is requiered for cancellation in order to be fully refunded
  • Refund or cancellation won´t be possible 30 days before the begining of your stay
  • The agency will be in charge of transfering the money to the host family