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Zephania Exchange

Learning another language, Living in another culture

About us

Linguistic and cultural exchange

A cultural and linguistic language exchange programme between a Spanish host family and a student/candidate whose native language is English, or who although not born in an English speaking country has achieved a high level of English due to their background or any other circumstance.

Spanish language

Over 500 million people speak Spanish today, making it the third world language after English and Chinese. Consequently, the ability to speak Spanish and English fluently has become a priority in today´s society.
One of the best ways of achieving this is to practise speaking your foreign language with a native-speaking person. Such an exchange greatly increases language apprehension and additionally gives the student the added benefit of experience a foreign culture, an enriching life experience, and the opportunity to develop friendships.

The objective of the programme

The objective of the programme, which is based in mutual help and support, is the linguistic and cultural exchange between both parties, the host family and English speaking person. You will live with your hosts as a member of their family during your stay in Spain.


Gain new life experiences whilst learning a foreign language by immersing yourself in a cultural exchange.
Living with people from another culture, every minute is a new adventure; discovering their way of life, noticing new sounds, discovering unexpected solutions, forging friendships and growing as a person.